Monday, May 4, 2009

Jamestown Story

Jamestown Story is a one-man band that finds its roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dane Schmidt is the man behind the music as he acts as front man, singer, songwriter, guitar player and instrumentalist for all of the instruments that appear on recordings for Jamestown Story. Jamestown Story formally was known as the band "And then I Turned Seven" but Schmidt changed the name in January of 2007. 

On November 18th 2008 Jamestown Story released the album "Love vs. Life." The album was reviewed by and the review stated that, "Jamestown Story delivers a heartfelt album, supported by Schmidts earnest lyrics and soft guitar and piano accompaniment." Jamestown Story's nine-song album is a refreshing mix of acoustic tunes that sends the listener through the ups and downs of love and life. 

Overall gave Jamestown Story positive reviews and even said, "It goes to show that overproducing isn't always necessary for an album to sound good, the tracks are a sincere portrayal of what Jamestown Story was gunning for: honest feelings of love and guilt built within sweet songs." Dane Schmidts balance of acoustic and pop/rock gives the listeners ear a treat as it is a way to break from the norm as he finds creative ways to bring in other instruments and then interlaces it all with emotional and honest lyrics. 
For those that are fans of bands such as Dashboard Confessional or Secondhand Serenade than Jamestown Story would be music that is right up your alley. 

Jamestown Story is currently on tour and plans to be on tour for the rest of 2009 as Dane works to promote his new album. Be sure to check out Jamestown Story's MySpace to find tour dates and listen to the new album love vs. life. 

Check out the music video below of Jamestown Story, the song is called "Far Away."

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