Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Owl City

Owl City is a project by Adam Young of Owatonna Minnesota. Young released his first EP with Owl City in June of 2007 called "Of June." In 2008 Young released a full-length album titled "Maybe I'm Dreaming." Young has other projects such as Port Blue and Swimming With Dolphins. 

Young's most recent album "Maybe I'm Dreaming" received positive reviews from absolutepunk.net. The review states "It is distinctly obvious that Young has potential surpassed by few in his genre, and Maybe I'm Dreaming is an effective portrayal of how Young has progressed. The emotion is almost touchable, and the way 
Owl City picks you up, takes you on a journey of the sky and other surreal and abstract worlds, and then gently
sets you down again, is amazing." To read the whole review click here

Owl City is a mix of moving electronica pop beats, catchy loops, metaphorical lyrics and singable melodies that are sugarcoated just enough to keep you coming back for more. 

When Owl City plays live the band consist of Adam Young playing his
keyboard/synth/computer/other various electronica gadgets and the lead vocals. He is joined by Austin Tofte playing keyboard/synth/acoustic guitar/
computer and background vocals. Owl City is
anchored by live drummer Matt Decker. 

I have to admit that ever since I saw Owl City perform live at the Varsity Theater to a sold out crowd on February 13th I haven't been able to stop myself from soaring over to the Owl City Myspace to get my fill.

When it gets down to it Owl City is definitely worth more than just a hoot. 

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